Fall Prevention Program

Our Fall Prevention Program is an instructor-led group class designed to help you improve your overall strength, balance, mobility, and gait through an evidence-based practice.

Who qualifies to participate?
  65 years or older, physically mobile, with impaired stability and/or mobility.
  45 years or older with a chronic condition that may impact stability and/or mobility.
  A Y membership is required.

What do participants gain?
  A positive social experience.
  Improved balance and stability.
  Improved memory and cognition.
  Improved muscle strength.
  Reduced stress.
  Improved mental and emotional well-being.

Senior Cardio Fit

Great beginner cardio group fitness class. Although geared towards our active older adults population, this class can be great for those wanting to get their heart and lungs pumping without the high-impact movements of some of our higher intensity classes. Classes are geared towards basic cardio fundamental exercises with body conscious movements.

Active Older Adults

A low-impact group fitness class, with strategic chair exercises. Class emphasis focuses on cardio and strength for overall functionality. Great beginner class for those just starting out, recovering from surgery, or golden agers.

Water Exercise

With the variety of water exercise classes we have to offer there is sure to be a class suitable for everyone. Water exercise is a great low impact workout for all fitness levels that focuses on improving strength, balance, and flexibility.

Total Condition/Step

Focus on building strength in stamina, starting out your mornings right. Wake up bright and early to join a class that offers variety for all fitness levels. Classes maintain a balanced focus between the importance of cardio and strengthening with overall body conditioning. Fridays – Total Condition class walks outside.