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Pool Information and Rules

At the Y, we create opportunities for people to improve their lives and their communities. Through empowering young people, improving individual and community well-being, and inspiring action, we aim to create meaningful change across the country.

Please try to choose a lane with swimmers that most nearly match your speed.

Please enter the pool from the shallow end. To avoid accidents, when entering an occupied lane, please get the first swimmer’s acknowledgement that you are there. Please get kickboards, pull buoys, etc. before entering the pool.

If there are 1 or 2 swimmers in a lane, they may elect to split the lane in half. The entrance of a third person immediately changes the lane to “circle” swimming format.

Red Band:

Child must be within arms reach of a parent or guardian at all times AND in a United States Coast Guard approved lifejacket.

Yellow Band:

Child must pass the shallow water swim test to be able to swim out of reach of their adult or guardian. This swim test is entering the water at the deepest part of the family pool and then swimming or walking from one side to the other and back.

Green Band:

Child is allowed to swim in the lap pool with no restrictions however, the lap pool is to be used specifically for practicing swimming, water exercise or for lessons. If planning to use the lap pool, please make sure that you or your child have a lane reserved. 

Adults: Join our Masters Swim Program to improve your swimming skills and increase your confidence in the pool.

Register to participate each month. Practices are held Monday 5: 30 -7 am, Tuesday 6-7:30 pm, Thursday 5:30-7 am and Saturday 10-11:30 am. Join one, two or all practices weekly.


Swim Lessons

For more than 160 years, the Y has nurtured potential and united communities across America to create lasting, meaningful change. Everything the Y does is in service of building a better us. one of the most effective way to accomplish this is to teach youth and adults to swim, so they can stay safe around water and learn the skills they need to make swimming a lifelong pursuit for staying healthy.

Y swim instructors training includes CPR, AED and First Aid. Swim lessons provide important life skills that could save a life and will benefit students for a lifetime.


We’re here for everyone! All ages – front infants to seniors – can learn to swim.  Use our lesson selector to help you determine which stage your child is ready for.

As a member benefit, YMCA members receive a lower rate on Y programs and earlier registration times than nonmembers. 

Lifeguard Training and Certification

Red Cross lifeguard certification is one of the most widely recognized in the United States.  We train lifeguards to recognize potential emergencies, respond to incidents and accidents, and to behave in a professional manner.

The Lifeguard certification course is offered as a blended learning, we start with a pre-course swim test, this swim test is a requirement to be able to participate in the online or in person portion of the lifeguarding class. Once the swim test is complete, there are 8 hours of online work followed by 8-10 hours of in water skills practice. All necessary training materials will be provided to class participants.

Pre-Course Swim Test:

  1. Jump into the deep end of the pool and swim 150 yards (3 laps) freestyle, breaststroke, or sidestroke without stopping.
  2. Stop at the deep end and immediately tread water for 2 minutes with no hands. (step 3 and anything else can stay as written
  3. Starting from the shallow end swim down to the deep end, retrieve the 10lb brick from the bottom of 9 feet, and swim the brick back keeping the brick (your victim) above water. You have 1 minute and 40 seconds for this exercise.

This Certificate is good for 2 years.

If you are interested in registering for one of our scheduled classes, or if you would like to schedule a class at a different time, please reach out to our Aquatics Director for more information:

Certification Classes

Class Options
  • Upcoming:
    Lifeguard Instructor Class - $250.00 per participant 8 am to 5 pm for 2 days
    There will be a lunch break provided
  • Lifeguard Class - $125.00 per participant
    (April 19th-21st times TBA)

SPLASH! Program

The YMCA of Natrona County SPLASH! program uses YMCA Safety Around Water curriculum to provide in-classroom and in-water swim lessons to 3rd graders in our community. We are grateful for the partnership with Natrona County School District #1 in allowing SPLASH! to integrate with PE curriculum as well as providing transportation for students and personnel. 

YMCAs across the nation teach over 1,000,000 kids lifesaving swim lessons each year. Statistics show that drowning deaths are the 3rd leading cause of death for children under the age of 19. Children are more likely to drown in open water as their age increases due to exploration in natural ponds, rivers, irrigation canals, and lakes. Wyoming is full of open water opportunities, and our children remain at high risk for deaths from accidental drownings. Drowning deaths are preventable, and teaching kids basic swimming skills at an early age can help reduce the number of deaths in our community. 

SPLASH! instruction includes skills like how to enter the water, exit the water, how to wear a life jacket, and how to respond to a friend falling into the water. Y Swim Instructors teach “Benchmark Skills” like Jump-Push-Turn-Grab which helps students safely exit the pool by pushing off the bottom, grabbing the wall, and climbing out. 

Aquatics Director, Stephanie Clark-Sleep says, “Water safety is one of the most important skills that we can teach our children. After just 3 weeks of SPLASH! We are already seeing increased confidence in our participants.” 

The YMCA teaches all ages of kids to swim, from babies in a parent-child class to older children and even adults. Swimming lessons are offered year-round and at various times to accommodate families’ busy schedules. As with any program or membership, the YMCA offers financial assistance for swimming lessons and wants to ensure that all who need services can receive them.

Masters Swim Program

Join our Masters Swim Program to improve your swimming skills and increase your confidence in the pool. Register to participate each month. Practices are held Monday 5:30-7 am, Tuesday 6-7:30 pm, Thursday 5:30-7 am and Saturday 10-11:30 am. Join one, two or all practices weekly.

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