With so many demands on today’s families and the increased focus on early childhood development, families need all the support they can get to nurture the potential of youth. We support children by providing a safe and healthy place to learn foundational skills and build self-reliance. With staff trained to keep your child safe, and programmed drop-in care to keep them active, go take two hours to relax and focus on your “you” time!

When to Drop In

You must remain in the building while your child is in the program. We value your willingness to let us come along side you and nurture the potential of your children.

Fees: Childwatch is available as an add-on to a 1 Adult Household or 2 Adult Household membership for a monthly fee of $24.

*Space is limited based on DFS ratios

WINTER HOURS (Lab Day – Mem Day)

M-F 8am-1pm & 1:30-7pm
Sat 8am-12:30pm

SUMMER HOURS (Mem Day – Lab Day)

M-F 8am-1pm & 1:30-6pm


Please click on the link below to view the Parent Handbook.

Please click on the link below to view/fill out the Child Enrollment Form