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Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness Training (ages 10-13)

This program is required for youth ages 10-13 years wanting to use the wellness center, fitness zone, family fitness zone or attend group fitness classes. Youth will receive an introduction to these wellness spaces, learn to use the equipment that they are able to use at their age, gain an understanding of weight room etiquette and more. There is a short quiz at the end of the session. 

Upon completion of this program, youth ages 10-13 are able to use the spaces listed above with direct adult supervision. 

If you are unable to attend a group session, you can schedule an individual session for $25. Please contact Brooke Weber, Healthy Living Coordinator, should you need an individual session. 307-234-9187

Youth Strength and Conditioning (Ages 10-17)

Youth Strength & Conditioning builds upon the foundations of movement and teaches youth core lifts, plyometric exercises and conditioning methods. This program addresses power, strength, speed, agility, conditioning and mobility. Progress will be assessed using baseline tests at the beginning of the program that will be repeated throughout the program.