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Fieldhouse Schedule/Rules

General Rules

1. Must check in at the Welcome Center.
2. Must follow age guidelines provided below.
3. Must have appropriate footwear (i.e. athletic shoes, no black soles)
4. Must wear shoes at all times.
5. All personal belongings must be placed in lockers or shoe lockers. Not on the Indoor Track.
6. No food or drinks in the gym. Water in a sealed bottle (water bottle, no cups) are allowed.
7. No dunking or hanging on the lowered rims. Lowered baskets are for ages 8 and younger.
8. Good basketballs & volleyballs may be rented at the front desk (photo ID will be required)
9. As a family facility, we expect all players to act within the boundaries of the Y core values of honesty, respect, responsibility and caring. Please no foul language, physical play, etc.
10. Please be courteous and aware of all track users
11. Please keep your valuables at home; the YMCA is not responsible for belongings that are lost or stolen.
12. Gym may be designated for volleyball or basketball. During designated volleyball time, basketball will not be available and vice versa.

The YMCA reserves the right to refuse access to anyone who isn’t abiding by the rules and policies. The YMCA also reserves the right to amend the Gym Rules as needed. For more information, or to schedule a facility rental please contact Drew Stratton, Membership Coordinator, at 307-234-9187 or

Below is our current gym schedule for June 3-July 7

If you have any questions about rentals please contact Drew Stratton, Membership Coordinator, at 307-234-9187 or